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Volga River SUP Expedition – 3500 km in 100 Days

In the summer of 2022, Stas Vulkanov from Belarus paddled 3500km in 100days along the Volga River on an inflatable SUP. Stas documented the paddle and you can watch the 10 episodes.

We absolutely love seeing the SUP community doing incredible things like this. Stas recently emailed us to share his epic 100 day SUP adventure along the Volga River in Russia and we were quick to make sure this was shared. Although Stas speaks Russian in his videos, you can switch on the English subtitles. We learned a lot from his planning and execution of his paddles, some of the decisions he made and seeing new parts of the world.

Well done Stas and thanks for sharing.

Watch all 10 Episodes

If you have documented an epic SUP adventure, or are in the midst of planning one, let us know! We really enjoy seeing inspirational content from the SUP community, so let us know and we can potentially share it across our channels. Leave a comment below or contact us.

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