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Aquaplanet’s Paddle to the Moon

Start 2023 with a challenge that’s out of this world by joining Aquaplanet’s mission to paddle board to the Moon!

Press Release: Aquaplanet

Aquaplanet are calling all paddle board lovers to get together and reach the target of 384.4 million metres (the distance from Earth to the Moon) by the end of June 2023. Sounds far…but, if all paddlers paddle together, it can be achieved! Aquaplanet will also be giving away a monthly prize to the top paddler of the month and all entries will be entered into a prize draw to win a free paddle board at the end of the mission.

So why join the challenge?

Paddle To The Moon not only helps to bring together paddle board lovers and reach the target of 384.4 million metres, but there are other benefits too. These can include:

  • –  Healthy competition and making friends across the SUP community.
  • –  Fitness goals, with the ability to lose weight. Entrants can potentially lose up to 400

    calories an hour.

  • –  Sleep better. Exercise helps active people fall to sleep quicker as well as increasing your

    quality of sleep, which will be the same for the competition entrants.

  • –  Improving technique through all the extra paddleboarding paddlers will be undertaking.

    It will help increase confidence too!

  • –  An adventure. The chance to increase SUP paddle boarding time may expose paddlers to

    exploring new rivers and canals around the area.

Why are they running the competition?

Aquaplanet are running the competition mainly due to the health and wellbeing element. The Paddle To The Moon will encourage many current paddlers to paddle more, as well as new people take up the sport.

The competition comes at a time where SUP paddleboarding has become one of the ‘highest increase in participation of all watersports, rising from 502,000 in 2008 to almost 1.4 million in 2018, according to the Watersports Participation Survey’.

How do you enter?

To enter the competition, all entrants need to do is ensure they have a paddleboard and the ability to track SUP progress through a tracking app. From here, entrants can upload their documents to Aquaplanet.

Aquaplanet will give prizes for the paddler who has paddled the most, between the months of January to June. The winners will be announced at the end of every month! At the end of the mission (30th June), Aquaplanet will announce the main winner of the £600 paddle board.

If you would like to sign up, you can sign up below.


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