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2023 Starboard Race SUPs

Take a look at the 2023 Starboard race SUP range where they have updated the Sprint and the All Star, plus Starboard have added a new board - the Sprint Expedition for touring.

2023 - Sprint Expedition



Starboard have expanded their Sprint range to include 2 new, wider models with greater stability and crossover ability for long-distance touring.

The 14’0″ x 27.5″ Sprint Expedition is designed for riders up to 110 kg who want solid stability and great speed. The 14’0″ x 29.5″ Sprint Expedition is designed for riders weighing up to 120 kg and seeking ultra-stability for long-distance adventures.

Both new sizes offer a recessed bag storage area in front of the standing area with bungee tie-downs to carry gear and supplies for ultra-distance races and long exploration paddles.

Paddleboard explorer & adventure athlete, Bruce Kirkby, is the man behind the new Sprint Expedition design: “At last, a true expedition paddleboard! After three years of testing different designs and prototypes with the Starboard team in Thailand, I simply couldn’t be prouder of the Expedition Sprint. Combining Starboard’s legendary racing hull with massive dugout cargo capacity, this revolutionary board is fast, stable and so fun to paddle. Capable of carrying weeks of gear, it is ready for any wilderness journey. It is the real deal.”

2023 - Sprint


Go faster and maintain glide more easily with the new 2023 Sprint. The Sprint is without doubt our fastest and most efficient race board for flat-water racing and ultra-long distances.

So what’s new for 2023? A new thicker slicing nose design displaces water with a cleaner release so you can paddle faster with less water wrapping and slowing you down. Rounded rails at the tall feel more forgiving in side chop and creates a more efficient release. A refined standing cockpit with more dug-out rails helps utilize the full width to give you more stability and control. Redesigned centre drainage system gives you 50% faster drainage speed, 50% weight reduction from 4 to 2 holes and overall more comfort as your feet no longer stand on the hole at the rail.

2023 - All Star


From entry-level riders, to elite racers, the All Star stand up paddle board is the world’s most winning, versatile and user-friendly race design, in board sizes suitable for all rider weights and skill levels. And it has the pedigree to back it up…

The 2023 Starboard All Star paddle board won 3 gold medals at last year’s ICF SUP World’s Championship in Gdynia, Poland. The All Star has also won SUPConnect’s “Best Race Board” award 2 years in a row!

So what’s new for the 2023 All Star? We have board widths for all rider weights and skill levels. 24.5″ and wider are suited for heavier riders, while 23″ and below are for higher-skilled and lighter riders. Available in light & strong Carbon Sandwich technology and best value Wood Carbon technology. The 2023 design has a narrower nose and tail outline to give you faster acceleration, higher top speed and greater efficiency. Our driest and most efficient center drainage system increases drainage speed by 50%, while reducing weight by 50%. Higher rails increase secondary stability and control in chop, while preventing water entering in downwind.

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Richard Perriss
Richard Perriss
1 year ago

Very intrigued by the Sprint Expedition (although annoying lack the f rear bungees on narrower board). I hope you get one in for review. Would be interesting how it stack up against the Touring, and how it behaves on non flat water

Reuben Ellis
1 year ago

Yes this one is on the list for sure.

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