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How To Get A Barrel On A SUP + The Secret To Tube Riding

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If you want to learn how to get barrelled, tubed, pitted, shacked or in the green room, then make sure to watch this video as it covers all the top tips you need to know about riding in the tube. Plus, we give away the secret to good barrel riding!

Beau explains to us in this video the basics about getting barrelled. You will learn about the body and feet positioning for tube riding, learn our top tips along the way, how to safely wipeout and exit the tube and gain insights into the secret of good barrel riding. There is so much to cover and learn about tube riding, so we have some extra content below in the SUPboarder Pro video to help you with your entry into the barrel and what kind of waves to look for when barrel hunting.

Video Credits
Riders: Keahi De Aboitz and Dave Boehne
Surf Footage: Dan O’Sullivan

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1 year ago

Not a chance! LOL

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