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Eisbach Riders Flexible River Fin 2022 Review

We called upon our trusted SUPboarder tester Jonny Herbert to test and review the Flexible River Fin from Eisbach Riders and he shared his insights and knowledge about these fins.

“I miss it! I will be buying one to put in my quiver.- Jonny”

Jonny Herbert has years of experience paddling shallow rivers and using multiple types of fins so he was the best person to review this fin from Eisbach Riders. The shape and flexible nature of the fin means that you can brush off shallow river beds or obstacles under the water with ease and because the fin is made from plastic and doesn’t chip or break like fibreglass or carbon fins would. The tracking is outstanding for this fin and it only stands 4.7″ tall. The area toward the back of the fin makes this a great fin for touring and using in shallow rivers.

The other highlight to using this fin was the manoeuvrability it has. You can kick the tail out to avoid obstacles, but it doesn’t detract from the tracking at all.

Thanks Jonny and we hope you like this review of the Eisbach Riders Flexible River Fin.

Eisbach Riders - Flexible River Fin

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