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Spearfishing with my SUP / Reuben’s blog

In this blog I'm out on the water going SUP spearfishing.

Using a super stable adventure board like the Thurso Surf Max is a great way of searching out those quieter spots and taking all the gear you want! Whether it’s fishing gear, extra kids or just a very large picnic to enjoy on a secluded beach it’s the perfect board to carry it all on and go adventuring.

As I said in the video this is the first time I’ve filmed underwater spearfishing so I apologies about not the best camera angles.

Let us know if you liked this kind of content and I will get back out there and do some more! And if you have any questions about fishing or spearfishing from your SUP get in touch.

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Derek Winsor
Derek Winsor
1 year ago

Makes me feel nostalgic for the summer, sat here in November in the rain! Can’t wait to try the same next year, although I think an overnight stay on the beach with freshly cooked Sea bass for supper would be in order! Nice

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