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GeoSUP – what is it and what’s still to come!?

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RyanW (@ryanw)
2 years ago

Are there any plans to launch an android version of GeoSUP?

Reuben Ellis
Reuben Ellis (@reuben)
2 years ago
Reply to  RyanW

Hey Ryan . Im glad you commented.
Firstly..Yes ,its coming out on Android. Its due out very soon but we are waiting for our developers to finish up and get it live. We had hoped to have it live by now.

Second point, I tried to email you back about the ‘Ask the Experts’ Question you sent us but my email was blocked and sent back to me. Send me an email to and I will try and resend it.
Do want you thinking we haven’t got back:-).

Rich_SUP_Devon (@richardwatsham)
2 years ago


Just downloaded the app, looks very good, especially to see what others are doing in spots you haven’t yet visited.

I track my windsurfing and sailing on another app which is apple watch enabled, this means I can leave my phone onshore, are you considering bringing apple watch functionality to GEOSUP, if you did that would be the icing on the cake!


Will Rogers
Will Rogers (@willrogers)
2 years ago
Reply to  Rich_SUP_Devon

Hi Rich, Yes, we are currently developing the app for Android Phones, Apple Watch as well as Garmin Smart watch integration, so GeoSUP will be available for many more people who use other devices and have the huge benefit of watch integration. Stay tuned!

gregjet (@gregjet)
1 year ago

Any word on an android app release yet.

Will Rogers
Will Rogers (@willrogers)
1 year ago
Reply to  gregjet

Hi Gregjet – we are working hard on it still, a little delayed with COVID but hope to have it available soon.

Andrew Swainston
Andrew Swainston (@andy)
3 months ago


Any updates on when this will be available for Android?

Will Rogers
Will Rogers (@willrogers)
3 months ago

Hi Andrew, we are working on this, but have experienced big delays unfortunately. Its on our radar to get this project running again, but at the moment we don’t have a firm launch date.

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