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SUP Vlogger / How do we decide which paddle board is best?

The SUPboarder PRO 2022 14’ Race ISUP Test for 2022 featured 9 different boards and 8 testers. In order to ensure a comprehensive review and comparison of each the testers tried them in different conditions. This vlog follows one of the testing sessions behind the scene where the test team took the boards on an 8km SUP to get as many different conditions in one go as possible.

The boards on test were:

  • Aztron Meteor
  • Aqua Marina Race
  • Shark Race
  • Loco Motion Air
  • Fanatic Falcon Air Premium
  • SIC Air RS
  • Starboard All Star Airline Downwind
  • Naish Maliko
  • Red Elite

Find out which boards were considered the best and all of the other information gathered on the boards during the test by watching the video linked below.  Not on PRO yet?….find out more in the blue PRO information box below!

Watch the head to head test here with SUPboarder PRO

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Carlos Rego
Carlos Rego
25 days ago

It’s quite surprising that you did not include the latest Itiwit iSUP Race board in this comparison test.

Reuben Ellis
18 days ago
Reply to  Carlos Rego

Hey Carlos, Itiwit would of been invited. Not sure why they didn’t take part in the test. It could of been because of stock issues. But yes sad not to see them in it.

Carlos Rego
Carlos Rego
18 days ago
Reply to  Reuben Ellis

Hey Reuben,
They are often sold out on Decathlon due to high demand.
The great thing about the most recent version of their iSup race boards is that they seem to have listened to your remarks and suggestions on the review that you did a couple of years ago, adding innovative design details and new sizes (27″).
Hope you’re able to review them shortly.

Reuben Ellis
15 days ago
Reply to  Carlos Rego

Sounds good. Thanks Carlos

16 days ago

Great to see some of the work behind the reviews. Some nice insight comments from Donna. Now most important information we need is ……. Where do you get the pasties from and can they deliver. 🙂

Reuben Ellis
15 days ago
Reply to  Ben

Thanks Ben . Best pasties ever and yeah I think they can deliver anywhere in UK Say the SUPboarder crew sent you lol

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