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Head To Head Wide Body Surf SUP Board Test 2022 / Gong Karmen

In the first instalment of our 2022 SUPboarder PRO Head To Head Wide Body Surf SUP Test, we ride the SMIK Hipster Twin 8’10” x 32″ @ 145L.

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6 months ago

Awesome to see you reviewing Gongs Beau! Not sure where the MOB would fit into your test ranges but we have found these to be a great board for the South Coast.

Brian Day
Brian Day
6 months ago

At 75kg I’ve got the 7’8 95 ltr Karmen. i’m used to buying surfboards which don’t come with fins, so didn’t really think about the ones provided, just stuck them away. I have mine set up as a thruster. As soon as its on the wave,,,,wow!!! it’s like riding a shot board (surf) I’ve spent a long time in the hunt for this board and now I’m happy. I’ve also got the 7’6′ 120ltr MOB 2022 to go alongside it. That has a hybrid rocker long/short and for summer waves is brilliant, if you can get hold of one, I’d… Read more »

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