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2022 Naish foil range overview / SUPboarder video

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Naish foils and wings have become a staple part in our foiling world with many of us owning or having used Naish gear whether on your SUP, prone or wing. But this year Naish have brought some new developments and foils to make their range even more usable for everyone.

When it comes to the Naish range, they have had 2 foils for the past few years… the super stable but slower Jet and the more performance Jet HA. These 2 foils have got many people into and progressing well with their winging or foiling journeys.  And this year we see a new and totally different looking foil added to the Naish range… the new MA. With this new foil design it is very different from anything else on the market. As you will see in the video the MA is a surf riding weapon, that many foilers may well have as their new number one Naish foil!

But the developments don’t stop there this year. Naish have also completely redesigned the mast connection and fuselage giving a much safer and stronger joint into the future. Check out the full video to learn more and see if any of these Naish foils take your fancy this year! I know which one I’m going to have 😉

For more information check out the Naish's website.

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1 year ago

I have just subscribed to ‘PRO’, really glad I did!. this video on Stabiliser choice covers exactly what I was going to ask. I graduated from a 1650 JET to an HA 1240 with HA 280 stabiliser, but found I was falling to the inside when gybing in chop, frustrated I bought an MA1200….. which I love for the way I can practically gybe ‘on the spot’…. Now after watching the video I’m going to retry my HA1240 with a larger JET foil 320.
Excellent Videos!

Patrick Gee
Patrick Gee
1 year ago

Both of these videos are very helpful in helping me decide my next gear enhancement in the naish lineup (and in general as well) – thanks!

Tim Spring
Tim Spring
7 months ago

High i have the jet 2000 and i’m starting to gybe would like to get a smaller foil which would you say was faster the Jet 1650 or the MA1600 as both are available on the secondhand market now?

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