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River Paddling The Greenbelt, USA

Bennet Brown takes a lesser known paddling route in the Greenbelt area of Texas, USA. Watch as he navigates small rapids and enjoys his day out paddling.

Bennet: In Austin, TX paddle boarding is extremely popular. But has anyone every taken one down Barton Creek in the Greenbelt? I decided to try it out using my inflatable SUPATX with the fin removed. The creek is full of rocks and rapids, so I had no idea if the board would hold up. Join me as I attempt to paddle from Lost Creek Blvd in Westlake all the way to downtown Austin. Cheers y’all!

Bennet is wearing a PFD for safety, but you will also notice him not wearing leash. Make sure you always assess the risks and dangers involved with your paddle. A leash in this situation may get caught on the rocks, so it is wise not to wear one, but having other precautions such as a PFD (and also possibly a helmet) are alternatives to keep you safe on the water.

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