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Zane on Finding Life’s Purpose After A Near Death Experience

Zane Schweitzer opens up in an interview with Damien LeRoy about his life's purpose after a near death experience.

Zane’s words ring true and hit home for so many of us who go through life unaware of the rest of the world and the class divide. Zane speaks about his experience as a teenager and how it changed his outlook on life, made him focus on the world around him and try to encourage the next generation to love and enjoy the ocean.

Damien LeRoy: Zane Schweitzer shares with us his near death experience which lead him to discover his life’s purpose and changed his life forever. Recently, Zane has taken on the role of a motivational speaker at schools here in Hawaii and across the U.S, sharing his inspirational message of “Innovate & Inspire”. This endeavor helps Zane share Aloha around the world. Teaching the next generation the importance of following their dreams by finding what is important to them and then sharing it with others is core to all his presentations to young people. Living a healthy and active lifestyle while learning our responsibility (kuleana) of taking care of our planet by making it a better place for all is key to who Zane is.

Well Done Zane!

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