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We go to Red Paddle Co international / SUPboarder Vlog

This summer we went to visit Red Paddle Co International at their home in South Devon, UK. It was a fascinating day meeting some of the team behind the brand and chatting all things SUP. We learnt a huge amount about the new 2021 gear, and the RnD behind Red Paddle Co’s quality products. We also asked Red Paddle Co some pokey questions regarding their board price points and comparing their boards to others on the market! It’s clear to see how after 12 years in the making, and with offices and teams in over 50 countries across the world, Red Paddle Co have become arguably the biggest inflatable paddleboard brand on the planet.

Learn more about Red Paddle Co on their website

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Neil Beeson
Neil Beeson
3 years ago

I really enjoyed this vlog. What a nice bunch of people who seem to believe in their products and company. I found their defence for not going double chamber was very interesting, I am looking to upgrade my board and a double chamber is on the list, not so much for safety but more for stiffening. I’ve sort of turned by nose up at Red boards because of their RSS battens and flex control rods and how much of a pain they are to remove or insert. Have you guys found a difference in the stiffness of boards with dual… Read more »

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