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RED Paddle Co Launch Cutting-Edge Brand Ad

The world’s leading inflatable paddle board brand, Red Paddle Co, has encapsulated the very essence of its core values in its pioneering 2021 video, ‘Never Compromise’.

Coming out of an extraordinary yet positive year for paddle boarding, this prominent paddle board brand continues to demonstrate its unrivalled innovation, development, and dedication to the paddle board industry – a marker which establishes Red at the forefront of the inflatable paddle board market.

“We are the leading premium inflatable paddle board brand globally and in these uncertain times, it is vital that we stand by our values and ensure we are the safe, reliable, smart choice for those investing in a paddle board. Our team are dedicated to creating the world’s most advance paddle boards and we wanted a brand video that represents this; from the advancements in our technology to the global community of riders who enjoy our boards, – we’re offering the best products and ultimately the best experiences, so even more people can explore their world in a safe and enjoyable way.” – Charlie Green, Head of Marketing

The short advertisement utilises CGI technology along with real life video footage to demonstrate the research, time, dedication, and expertise that goes into developing, designing, and producing Red products.

The team worked closely with lead creative, Ted Thorpe, who has over 20 years’ experience producing creative solutions for brands including VW, Audi, Virgin, Disney GSK, and Adidas to mention a few… “As a designer and director, you are always looking for the right people to collaborate with. People who would be willing to try innovative ideas and executions. After meeting the Red team, we found a collection of individuals who are making important and considered decisions in a continuously busy market. Theirs minds and hearts were in the right place and the results are clear to see in the constant development of their work both on and off the water.” – Creative Director, Ted Thorpe.

“Never Compromise’ represents our unwavering focus to produce performance-led products and industry leading innovation. It is not just a design ethos but our north star. It feeds into everything we do from our products we design, to our customer service and the instore experience.- George Shillito, Commercial Director”

The film also highlights the guiding principles that have been at the heart of Red since their inception in 2008. It highlights the evolution of the brand and the performance-led products that Red is well- known for. The emotive video firmly places Red as a global lifestyle brand – a brand that delivers premium designs, memorable experiences and echoes the very meaning of the title – ‘Never Compromise.’

Red Paddle Co’s new video for 2021 sees the brand continue to prove itself as a pioneer of the sport – Co-Founder and CEO, John Hibbard

‘‘Our product design team continue to scrutinise every part of the production process, so that everyone has the best paddle boarding experience possible. Our focus has always been on conscious, user centred design and we want to encourage as many people as we can to get involved in the sport safely and to show just how much fun paddle boarding can be when you have the right kit. There is a

wide community out there that is growing all the time, and it is the individuals that make up that community that keep us striving forward”.

About RED Paddle Co

Red Paddle Co is an inflatable paddle board manufacturer based in the UK which is selling its products to 60 countries worldwide. They believe that riding an inflatable paddle board should not mean you have to compromise on performance, looks or quality. Riding a Red Paddle Co board offers the ultimate in convenience while delivering an authentic experience.

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Marc Alfaro
Marc Alfaro
3 years ago

Great product and better customer service!!!!

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