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Head of the Dart Virtual Challenge with GeoSUP

This year the Head of the Dart race in the UK is going virtual - here's how you can get involved and help two amazing charities!

2020 saw an explosion in SUP and cancellation of events due to lockdown and restrictions to help stop the spread of COVID-19.   With effort continuing to fight the virus, the Head of the Dart (HOTD) event organisers are unable to host this year’s event in the normal way.   Instead they want to try and do something that combines bringing together those new to the sport as well as those who have been paddling for a while as a community.  For 2021 only,  the event aims  to get as many paddlers as possible to come together – virtually – and over the course of April and May paddle as a community the length of the longest rivers in each continent – this is 33,810KM! It doesn’t matter if you only paddle 5km or 50km, whether you go for time or leisure….all distances will count.

It will not cost anything to enter and all we are asking is that for every KM you paddle that you raise £1 for charity.  You can paddle by yourself, paddle in a group (in line with government restrictions) and as part of your club.  To read more about the new challenge including initial details around prize draws for clubs and paddles please click here.

Check out the video to learn how you can get involved with the ‘hotdvirtual’ with GeoSUP or other tracking technology!

Register for the challenge here

Learn more about GeoSUP - The stand up paddling community and tracking app

Learn more about the Head of the Dart Challenge

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