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Monthly Round-up of SUP / February 2021

Welcome to our collection of the biggest news and stories that have taken place in the SUP world from the previous month. Let's recap what happened in February.

Chris Bertish Reveals TransPac Wing Project - A Two Month Wing Foil Journey

This month, Chris Bertish unveiled his newest challenge The TransPac Wing Project. Chris is to be the first person to wing-foil across any ocean, completely alone and unsupported, a journey of over 2850 miles from Half Moon Bay in California to Oahu in Hawaii.

Chris is doing this in aid of charity and for the environment and needs your support to get this Project up and running. Make sure to check out his personal intro video and also the craft he will be designing and riding for more information about the epic challenge that will be taking place in June/July 2021.

Planet Patrol's 2020 Litter Report - A Staggering Amount of Trash

Planet Patrol has created an app to track litter and led a citizen science program for us paddlers to log how much trash we collect when we go paddling. They have recently released their findings from litter collected during the year 2020 and the numbers are shocking.

Make sure to read the full report, find out more about Planet Patrol, download the app and collect any waste you see when you next go paddling.

iSUP Smart Course - Become Safety Certified

Water Skills Academy have released a SUP safety course guiding your through what you need to learn before you hit the water. Becoming certified means you will have an understanding of the safety requirements associated with SUPing your local waterway.

The course costs £45 and more information can be found by clicking here.

'Viking On Tour' Is Back - Casper Steinfath's Vlog

2020 was not a very exciting year for world travel, or for SUP athletes competing in competitions. Casper Steinfath took a well deserved break and he is now back showing us the action from his home in Denmark. Rather than the Viking On Tour, Casper’s calling this episode ‘Viking Not On Tour’.

Casper shows his true self and is down to Earth in this episode titled Home. Watch it now.

GB SUP Racing Series - 2021 Race Dates

GBSUP have released their 2021 dates for the National Series of SUP Racing in the UK. If you’re keen to get involved with SUP Racing in the UK this year, then the National Series of SUP racing events held by GBSUP are the ones to look out for.

Check out all the races and dates here.

Life Of Kai - Kai Lenny's Vlog

See the world through kai’s eyes and experience his everyday life through his vlog. Kai still enjoys a SUP every now and then, but obviously his passion lies with big wave riding and foiling.

Watch Life Of Kai now.

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