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LIVE Watersports Catamaran SUP

It’s not a completely new design, but LIVE Watersports bring the catamaran SUP to the touring, adventuring, fishing and expedition side of SUP. What do you think of the design?

The dual hull design brings a lot of advantages compared to the traditional SUP. More deck space increases stability, allows for more capacity (up to 700lbs on some boards!) and provides versatility from SUP fishing, touring, expeditions or windsurfing. There is less surface area in the water which also enhances speed.

What do you think of the catamaran design? Have you tried one before? We would love to hear your comments below.

Also check out the LIVE watersports review video and our previous post on a SUP catamaran expedition.

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3 years ago

Bad idea! Just what I wanted, a sup that will get tangled in any debris in the water by gathering it in front of me caught between the two front hulls. Better idea is for a single front hull that splits to a dual hull starting about 2 feet back of the nose.

Reuben Ellis
3 years ago
Reply to  sstelepro

Now thats an idea… cool

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