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2021 Honu inflatable range overview / Video review

Established in 2001, the Australian based brand Honu have made some big changes in 2019 with their new boards, image and brand message. We take a look at the new inflatable boards from Honu...

We’ve reviewed a large number of inflatable paddleboards over the last few years, from many different brands and at many different price points. But it’s not just the price of a board that’s important to us paddlers. If brands want to stand a chance in this competitive world of iSUPs they need to think past the colours of the boards and go much deeper than that.

And that’s exactly what Honu have done with their latest evolution of iSUPs. Aswell as being focused on making boards at a good price point, it’s very clear that Honu have been working hard to try and reduce their environmental impact and have the ocean very close to their heart. Put that together with high quality, light weight, stylish looking boards from a brand with good customer service, Honu is a brand that many paddlers should consider looking into further for their first or next board choice.

Find out more about Honu and their boards on their website here

Boards we used

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Sup Dragon
Sup Dragon
2 years ago

Is the fin a proprietary fin? While on vacation, I lost a fin on a different board that looked similar and it was impossible to replace in any shop.

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