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What gear do I need to get into Wing Foiling? / Part 1 Wings

If you're looking to get into wing foiling this year, but are unsure where to start and what type of gear to look at, then this video series is for you.

In part 1 we look at wings, to help you understand which wings are right for you, whether you’re starting off for the first time on a non-foiling board or are looking to progress into a certain foil discipline like surfing or freestyle. Over the past year we have used a wide range of wings and foils, and I’d like to share what we’ve learnt to help you make the right wing foiling decisions.

If you’re looking to get a wing this year definitely check out the 2021 SUPboarder Pro wing test which will be live in early November. And also check out our previous 2020 wing test below.

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3 years ago

thanks for all the info!

3 years ago

Hi Reuben, really interesting video on ‘what gear do I need to get into wing foiling’. I am slowly transitioning into this sport. Background is originally surfing a lot, then windsurfing (still) and also recently SUP’ing. I live on the South Coast ( Worthing) and really interested in wing mast lengths, if that sounds bizarre, we get a lot of ‘chop’ as the regular SW’ly breeze fills in. Obviously, longer mast – less risk of board/wave contact. I have brought a Naish S25 – 5.3 metre having demo’d a Duotone 2019 wing from my local shop and used them with… Read more »

3 years ago

Great explanation!! Learnt alot!

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