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What’s acceptable? / When should it be a warranty?

In this video Reuben talks you through some of the possible faults you might see with inflatable and composite boards. What’s acceptable, what’s not, when it’s a warranty, and the processes involved when kit’s not perfect.

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1 year ago

I have recently had an issue with a red paddle co board. I purchased my 12’6 sport in 2018, and this summer it started leaking from inside the sleeve where the rss battens are inserted. When I did some internet searches, I came across a few others with similar problems. When I contacted red paddle co they said my board was not under warranty, their longer 5 year warranty did not start until recently. Also, it’s not something that can be fixed easily because the leak is coming from inside the sleeve. I’m in the US so they did not… Read more »

Reuben Ellis
1 year ago
Reply to  Edgold

Hi Edgold thanks for getting back with your comment. Sorry to hear you have had a problem with your Red. Its very annoying I fully agree. After all you pay good money and this is clearly a manufacturing issue. I wonder if it was leaking before, but you only noticed it this summer? Good to hear Red did try to help many brands want even bother to even help at all, if its out of warranty. This is going to be a problem with many iSUP into the future. Maybe it would be better if all brands could offer 7… Read more »

1 month ago
Reply to  Edgold

Hi Edgold,

You are not alone. I have two Red boards Ride 9’8 purchased in 2018 and Voyager 13’2 purchased in 2019. Last summer (2023) both boards started leaking from rss sleeve. I have contacted local dealer and Red paddle directly. Answer is the same for both boards “out of warranty”. I’m totally disappointed of build quality Red paddle boards.

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