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SUPboarder quick SUP tip / Starting off your step back turn

In this SUPboarder quick SUP tip we talk about a really simple tip to help you start off your step back turns. By first turning your front foot on your heel towards the centre handle of the board, it will set you up to walk back down the centreline of the board. This super simple tip will start you off with more confidence and balance and you are more likely to successfully make the rest of the turn.

Check out the full step back turn video on land below
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3 years ago

One tip that you could add to this is to keep you eyes up and level. That keeps your horizon line level and gives you a balance reference. Your body will try and level to whatever level your eyes ( ears really) are at. I am not a pro level SUPboarder but this is from my triathlon and MTB coaching and appears to be even more important on a SUP because it is so unstable. I noted you were looking down at you paddle when turn stroking. Beginners doing that will have an overbalance reaction.

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