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Fixing your iSUP, basic rail patch repair / SUPboarder video

Reuben talks you through the process of repairing your iSUP with a basic PVC rail patch.

The equipment you’ll need, the prep required, and how to apply the patch using contact adhesive. Most iSUP packages include spare PVC in their repair kit, and sometimes glue too. So don’t panic if you damage your iSUP. Chances are it’s repairable and you’ll be able to get back on the water very soon. The better quality the fabric the more hardwearing your iSUP will be, and the more scuffs and scrapes it will be able to withstand. So when buying an iSUP consider it’s construction eg how many layers of fabric on the rails etc… And treat your kit kindly to reduce the need for any repair jobs!

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Maren Wallstädt
Maren Wallstädt
1 year ago

Thank you for this video. We have a different problem at the rail, though.
A friends isup (it’s a cheap discounter board) is splitting at the end, where the rail is overlapping. Do you have any idea, what we can do there? There’s a lot of tension at this point. It still holds its air, though. We did fill in some glue, then put a long pvc patch over the crack and finally taped it horizontally to keep it together. The tape is not really waterproof and peels off already…

Will Rogers
1 year ago

Hi Maren, the rail splitting is a tricky repair, but if its holding air, a patch may be enough. You say the patch is not waterproof…? If you use the correct PVC glue it is very waterproof. If its not applied correctly it can peel off, which maybe the problem? Perhaps you can add a photo?

1 year ago

Love this! Will be very helpful in future if ever needed! Quick question can I use the same technique for when my deckpad has come away from my board.. have struggled to fix one in the past and I’m not sure if a different adhesive is required due to deckpad being foamy material? It seemed to just absorb the glue! Cheers guys

1 year ago

Hi, thanks for the video. one thing that is important to mind is the age of glue: I got repair kits with my boards, but I tried using the glue after 4 years and it didn’t stick enough. I had hard time scrubbing it off ( tip: try using synthetic thinner ). So make sure your glue is recent. I found glue difficult to buy. Decathlon has a repair kit that is quite effective, but the glue tubes are really small. Probably enough for the repairs like the one Reuben did, but not for a complete finbox or a big… Read more »

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