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Practicing SUP surf stance on land / How to SUP video

In this video we look at practicing SUP surf stance on land. Practicing paddling in surf stance is very important and something that many paddlers over look. It is possible to catch waves in your normal paddle stance but it does mean your timing has to be perfect and balance amazing! Paddling for a wave in a surf stance is way more efficient, easier to keep your balance, and it will get you onto waves way earlier than paddling in your normal paddle stance. By practicing it on land you will catch more waves when you get back on the water.

Top tips and things to practice

  • Time your paddle strokes with your body movements
  • Keep over the centre line of the board
  • Keep your knees bent and feet at least a shoulder width apart
  • Try and keep more weight on your front foot
  • Focus on doing a powerful deep paddle stroke to pull you along
  • As always, try and look up

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