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Beginner SUP Paddling Technique / Using your core to improve paddle stroke

One of the first things you can do as a beginner paddleboarder to improve your on water technique is work on your paddling technique. A common mistake is not using your core muscles when you paddle, instead you are likely to be using your arm muscles which will limit the power of your paddle stroke.  Not engaging your core will mean you will likely struggle to paddle into wind, cross wind or paddle into waves – so its a really good beginner technique to learn to really improve your fun on the water!

In this video we look at how to work on engaging your core during your paddle stroke by learning the movements and motions needed via some simple exercises.  These exercises can be practices at home OR on the water allowing you to build up the muscle memory you will need.

A good powerful paddle stroke will help you enjoy your SUPing even more, so if you are a beginner paddler, give this a go.

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Sarah Thornely
4 years ago

Thanks guys x always useful to go right back to the beginning! 🙂

Will Rogers
4 years ago
Reply to  Sarah Thornely

Of course , these are the foundations of SUP – thanks for your comment 🙂

4 years ago

Thanks – this is very helpfull, visualizing the technique, also for intermed and advaced Paddlers. Great camera-job. May be you have some comments on parallel or Offset stance and using the bordrails for paddelefficieny.

Will Rogers
4 years ago
Reply to  Kurt

Hey Kurt – great question! Yes, I find that offset stance can help me put a little more power down (paddle side foot further forward) and when paddling in races or long distance touring this has become a bigger part of my technique. I also find you can use rails ( mainly on hard boards) to help with directional stability – not sure what you mean by paddle efficiency??? It’s a tricky technique to describe in words but we will look towards pulling some instructional together in a video at some point in the future. Will | SUPboarder

4 years ago
Reply to  Will Rogers

Hi Will, these things are hard to describe, that’s why your dry-paddling-video is so helpful with its different perspectives. Sorry for my awkward English – I mean efficiency in terms of, the more you stabilising and steering the board by your feet, the less you have to correct with paddelstrokes. So you concentrate on efficient forward movement. Thanks again – more dry-videos would be fantastic.

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