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The New Red Paddle Co 11’0 Compact

We knew it was only a matter of time until Red Paddle Co extended their Compact Family!

Following the success of the 9’6” Compact, the Red Paddle Co design team have put their award-winning MSL PACT™ technology to the test and produced an all new Compact 11’0 touring SUP.

Packing down to half the size of a conventional iSUP ‘the 11’0 Compact is the most transportable adventure SUP on the market. The increased length, means increased glide making it ideal for paddlers who travel and want to adventure further with the convenience of an all-in-one package.

“The 11’0 Compact was the natural evolution of our most transportable range of boards” Head of Design, Phil Hawthorne explains.

A step up from the 9’6 Compact, the 11’0 Compact is 32”/813mm wide, 4.7”/120mm thick, under 8.45kg (full package 13.8kg)  and suitable for riders up to 110kg/209lbs.

“Ideal for paddlers who travel and want to adventure further with the convenience of an all-in-one package.”

The board has a quad stringer tensioning system, giving maximum rigidity, while the central living hinge means the board can be folded and rolled into a super small package. The 11’0 Compact board comes as part of a full package including a newly designed backpack, 5-piece paddle, Titan pump, leash and removable click fins.

2MSL PACT™ technology is a material with a new weaving process which creates an extra-high- tensile thread matrix at the core of the board that is combined with a super-strong but malleable outer layer. This means the Compact board is as stiff and durable when inflated but can be folded down into a bag half the size of standard inflatable boards.

The 11’ Compact sounds like a great addition to the Red Paddle Co Compact range and the SUPboarder team look forward to putting the new 11’ Compact to the test very soon! Stay tuned!

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