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The Art of Play / Annabel Anderson

It's not all about competition. It's about remembering why you love sport...

After surviving a string of life-altering injuries, World Champion SUP athlete, Annabel Anderson, found herself forced to slow down and reconsider her relationship with competition.  With a need to disconnect and a love of adventure, she set off for French Polynesia. After starting her trip at one of Tahiti’s most infamous surfing destinations, Teahupo’o, Annabel then makes her way aboard the Aranui 5- a hybrid freighter passenger ship, to one of the most remote archipelagos in the world, the Marquesas Islands.  The Marquesas Islands, or The Land of Men, are steeped in culture, history, wildlife, and are home to a long lineage of watermen. It’s here that Annabel reconnects with the love of sport that initially drove her to compete and realizes the value in the Art of Play.

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