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Zane Schweitzer / Surf Foil Safari – Short Film

This well presented short film follows Zane Schweitzer and friends on a foiling adventure around South Africa. With many airlines tightening up their luggage restrictions and reducing their excess bag lengths, the idea of travelling with super short prone foil boards and a few foils will be more common in the future.

Film and words below by

“Following in the footsteps of thousands of surfers before them, AK ambassadors Zane, Dale and friends set off on a surf foil road trip up the East coast. With a diverse range of boards and their minds open to waves of all shapes and sizes, they explore the countless breaks from Cape Town’s West Coast up into the Eastern Cape. Stop what you're doing and dive right into the Surf Foil Safari with Zane & Dale….”

Foiling has changed over the years - Check out our foiling videos

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