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‘Ask the Experts’ Monthly video # 7

As a SUPboarder Pro member you have the ability to ask us any questions about SUP, and get a completely honest and independent answer. The email ‘Ask the Expert’ service is something that many of you have already used and the SUPboarder team have enjoyed guiding you through the world of SUP.

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Ramon (@ramon)
1 year ago

Hi Reuben Million Thx!!! When I fall off the foil I am used to still hold the wing, probably comes from windsurfing time when falling holding the boom, actually in the videos you seem to do the same 🙂 So how do you cover your head then jeje? Regards Ramon

Ramon (@ramon)
1 year ago

Regarding the shoulders, backs, knees. I am super thankful to Sup as it gave me back the opportunity to be on the water and feeling really great. I had shoulder problems, lower back problems and broken cross ligament and Sup is just great reinforcing all the muscles. Regarding shoulders at the beginning I had pain and the doctors said that maybe operation was needed. I did not operated and following solved the problem: correct paddle length, correct blade size better small then large, flex shaft and physiotherapist helped me also a lot with one exercise which is opening chest and… Read more »

seanross (@sesanross67)
1 year ago

For a more traditional glove, I have been using the. NRS Maxim Gloves with success paddle surfing. Really good grip. But agreed, I am a bit clumsier when I wear them. As far as issues with my body after SUP surfing I recently recovered from a bout of “golfer’s elbow:” (which is strange as I hate to golf). This is on the inside of the elbow (opposite of tennis elbow). Took me 6 months to get rid of entirely, although I still could SUP surf. The other issue I have is shoulder pain. It seems to move around a bit,… Read more »

Kurt (@kurt)
1 year ago

Hi Reuben, very very good idea to have a look typical psysio patterns of SUP. Two things i’m dealing with or wondering why: Sometimes i get problems with my quadriceps muscles in both legs – especially due to sup-surfing in choppy conditions. And the other observation is a very firm/unflexibel breast spine, the more and the longer i’m paddling. How to keep this part of the back smooth and flexibel, it seems to be hard work. Paddlers getting a lot of corestrenght and generally better posture, but the upper back, especially from taller persons, tends to a light kyphosis. How… Read more »

fuzvardo (@fuzvardo)
1 year ago

I get lower back pain when I paddle a lot , I sup surf and paddle in goofy so my problem is lower left side of my back . Yoga helps lessen the pain but I know what the problem is – my glutes are not strong and my lower back compensate for the work my glutes should be doing . A few good exercises that help me are squats , lunges and ab exercises . Also hip flexors are overlooked , so hip flexor exercises are good too as they tighten due to the posture – always bending at… Read more »

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