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Anthony SUP surfing competition vblog / Which waves get which scores?

Contest SUP surfing isn’t always about solid firing swells, light offshores and endless carving walls… although it would be nice if it was! It’s often more about trying to make the most out of small swells and windy conditions to get the points you need to climb the podium.

SUP surfer and blogger Anthony Maltese has recently come back from the Ventura SUP Championships in the States, and he has put together this great vblog of the event. The waves and the conditions may not have been perfect, but seeing which waves get which scores is useful if you are unfamiliar with competition surfing. And it really shows how high wave scores are more about what you do on a wave, not the wave size.

Words below from Anthony:


“The Ventura SUP Championships at C-Street is one of my favorite events. The contest directors do a great job organizing it. The surf is always contestable, and the waves have a very similar, cobblestone bottomed reef like my homebreak, so I always feel really comfortable surfing there. I won here in 2013 & again in 2015, but I am yet to regain the title. I came in 3rd last two years and unfortunately just short again this year as second place runner up. Either way it was a great event, an epic time with all my friends, and I look forward to the event's return next year! Enjoy our mission to the contest and all the tour notes we could provide! Like the video if you enjoyed this vlog and comment some suggestions for future episodes. If you could share the video with anyone you see in this clip, I couldn't ID or tag everyone. THANK YOU TO ALL WHO HELPED FILM THIS EPISODE!!!!!!”
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