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A Starboard All Star & Sprint 2020 test session

When we test gear for the SUPboarder reviews we end up doing a few sessions like this one. Using gear in a wide range of conditions and by paddlers of all abilities is very important to get a good feel for any SUP gear.
In this session myself and Lucy go out for a paddle on the new Starboard 2020 race boards. The Sprint and the All Star have changed a lot this year and we look forward to getting them on the water again, and releasing the full review of these boards soon.

We were also trying a few Palm products too. The Palm Glide waist PFD is regularly worn by the SUPboarder team for these types of paddles but the Palm Ace is a new PFD for us. It was a good opportunity to use this sleek PFD/ buoyancy aid, to find out the pros and cons of wearing a more traditional style PFD in an environment where you’re paddling hard and not wanting to restrict your movement. Look out for the review feature on PFD’s soon too.

Board Specification

Starboard Sprint 14′ x 22″ – Carbon Sandwich

Starboard All Star 14′ x 26″ – Wood Carbon

The full paddle is also on the GeoSUP app if you want more information on the route and board speeds.

The boards have changed a lot since 2018 - Check out the comparison review of the Sprint and All Star

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