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Stop wasting air with this basic Red pumping tip! / How to video

You can just imagine it… you’ve spent the last 10 minutes pumping hard to get your board up to the highest recommended psi pressure, and you then undo your hose attachment and pissssssssssss…. all that hard work blows back in your face! The noise of compressed air flying out of a recently inflated SUP is something we have all heard. And it makes you want to cry! All just because you forgot to put the boards valve in the inflation setting (push pin locked up) after you deflated it last week.

If you are using a Red Paddle Co pump or have a pump hose with the middle plastic strip removed, in this video we go over a great simple way to check if you have put the valve in the inflation position, before disconnecting the hose. It won’t stop the air from coming out but it will give you a heads up that when you undo your hose you will have to act fast to get the valve closed off as quickly as possible.

About the plastic strip on the hose end.
The strip of plastic that’s visible on some pump attachments is there to push and keep down the value on your board. This allows air to pass in and out of the board freely. Some brands remove it and some brands don’t. A pump will work with or without the plastic strip. But Red Paddle Co have removed it on all their pumps in the past due to it being easier to pump. And also to ensure that after every down stroke of the pump the value is then closed ensuring no air is forced back out through the hose and pump. When you disconnect your Red Paddle Co (or similar) pump it also means you’ll have no issues with the value staying accidentally open too, which sometimes happens with the hoses that have the plastic strip. This is a good example to show where Red Paddle Co have thought about their customers needs and have worked hard to make the whole pumping and paddling experience as easy and stress free as possible.

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4 years ago

i was recently advised to remove that plastic strip from my (JP) pump as a “cure” for the nozzle being triggered.. is there any impact on pressure reading on the pump?

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