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SUP Vlogger Ep1 – Behind the scenes of testing at SUPboarder

We test a lot of kit and spend a huge amount of time using it in different conditions with different riders too. All of this work is great fun but does take time, and it’s very much behind the scenes when it comes to the end review or video test you see on SUPboarder, Youtube and on SUPboarder Pro. We invited Harry who is a super passionate SUPer and also loves holding a camera too, to come along to one of our testing days to show you a bit of the behind the scenes action.

We hope you enjoy this video which is very different to our other SUPboarder videos. We will be sharing more SUP Vlogger videos of SUPboarder testing days and other action too.

Also for our SUPboarder Pro members, look out for a full first impression video of the Duotone Wing on SUPboarder Pro in the next few days.

Gear used in this video

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4 years ago

Great video. Thanks gents.

4 years ago

You were using a NP Glide Surf foil in the video and if the Foil board is 115 litres then it is the 7′.
Good idea for a series. You could give more details on what you learned about how to do things the right way – eg on the foil board with the wing.

4 years ago

One of the most obvious uses is on a windy day when the wind has generated some swell. To ride out using the wing and then foil back to the start point by riding the swell with the wing flagged out.
I’d like to see a video of what size of gear worked best for that.

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