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How to build a recycled SUP board (out of plastic bottles)

Building a SUP out of plastic bottles has been on the SUPboarder teams bucket list for a while now. This great video from ‘The Whale Company’ shows how you can do it.

Have you made a SUP out of plastic bottles? And where did you paddle? If you have any tips you can share with the rest of the SUPboarder community we would love to hear them below.

Product list:

128 (3 little) soda bottles
2 adhesive sealant tubes
3 cans of spray foam (SIKA boom brand – used in SE Asia)
Bike pump with inner tube attached
Bamboo sticks
Old fan used as fins
Old yoga mat
Sand paper
Cutter and scissors

The video was filmed in Vang Vieng, Laos in September 2018 at Silver Naga Hotel with the help of Laos staff.

Find out more about ‘The Whale Company’ below.

The Whale Company is an environmental education and conservation charity that inspires positive behaviour change surrounding plastic consumption, by promoting connection to nature and encouraging innovative solutions to the problem of plastic. We use stand-up-paddleboarding (SUP) and upcycling to engage students in our hands-on education programme.

Visit their website here

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4 years ago

Hey! Great blog. In this video, you gave us good information about the paddle stand board, SUP boarder.
Thanks for sharing with us and keep sharing.

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