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Lets talk about SUP Leashes

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Moulton Avery
1 year ago

I would caution that a QR leash is essential in any moving water situation, whether the flow is river or tide generated.

Reuben Ellis
1 year ago
Reply to  Moulton Avery

Defo agree with that one.

Pete Starr
Pete Starr
19 days ago

I have a QR waist leash & I love it: it’s comfortable & stays well out of the way of my feet. I’m mainly a flat / open water paddler but on a recent trip to Cornwall I tried surfing (very limited success!) & got wiped out in a more powerful wave. I did not like being towed bythe waist at all & quickly used calf attachment instead! I have a concern that you could be more easily winded by waist leash wipe out and, more importantly, at greater risk of entanglement with the leash rendering the QR function irrelevant.… Read more »

Reuben Ellis
18 days ago
Reply to  Pete Starr

Yeah Pete you’ve pretty much nailed it. Wearing a wait leash in the surf can do more harm than good. Just a good old straight leash to the ankle or calf like you suggested is a much better option. And using a waist leash in anything bigger then head high surf is a defo no no.

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