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A leash is a necessity not an accessory!

Photo Greg Dennis
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Paul Ellis
Paul Ellis
9 years ago

No argument, wear a leash. The ignorance concerning the use of leashes is breathtaking. When on a break in Ibiza last year, I saw boards being hired out on multiple beaches with no sign of a leash anywhere and people often paddling off out of sight around the rocky coastline away from easy rescue. I know of people in the Middle East who’ve been asked if they are poor swimmers because they wear a leash. And in Sardinai I was staggered to come across two locals who were trying out their brand new boards and paddles on the sea in… Read more »

9 years ago

What about practicing what you preach ??

In my opinion, common sense should be taught to new paddlers about when and where to wear a leash and perhaps, Will, you believed that on your Duncasby Stacks trip the conditions didn’t require you to wear one. If thats the case, then thats all well and good but to then write a piece telling everyone they MUST wear a leash is, quite frankly, wrong.

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