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David Jackson UK White Water SUP

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Corran Addison
9 years ago

Inflatable boards have a lot of traction now, mostly because they’re a better option to an expensive epoxy board that explodes when it hits rocks. But the problem with them is that you cannot actually design a “real” shape. Look at kayaks – the intricacy of the hull and deck design. Because of the construction method, all you can adjust on an inflatable is the outline and to a degree, the rocker. This essentially means that, for all practical purposes, you’re learning to paddle on the SUP version of a squirt boat crossed with a door. Hardly ideal. But people… Read more »

9 years ago

I fully agree that this is a sport that will grow and possibly rival kayak and canoe numbers someday. I loved the video and give Dave huge props for his technique and willingness to share his experiences with his friends and colleagues. I did however notice one particular still shot in the middle of the film of another paddler who appeared to be wearing his leash around his ankle. Hopefully it was very loosely fastened but picturing this without an explanation could lead to others trying the same. I see that Dave himself has the appropriate setup for the leash.… Read more »

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