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UK Ultraskate 2024

2024 will see the second UK Ultraskate take place 12-14th July at Betteshanger Park, in Deal, Kent. There are numerous categories to enter, one of which is SUPSkate.

Press Release: UK Ultraskate

Skaters from around the world will be competing, enduring physical and mental exhaustion to achieve their maximum number of miles. The riders who cover the longest distance over 24hrs take the win! Last year we saw riders from all over Europe, and this year promises to be an even more international affair with entrants from the USA and Singapore! 

The event is held over 3 days. Set up your tent or camper for the Friday night social with prizes to be won across 3 challenges. The Ultra starts Saturday morning running into Sunday. 

What is Ultrskate?

The UK Ultraskate is a Long Distance Skateboarding event that offers the opportunity to ride for 24 hours and push riders to their physical limits. An UltraSkate entails participants riding their boards as far as they can in 24 hours. Therefore there is no limit on what can be achieved.

Entry is open to all, whether a first-timer or an ‘ultraskate veteran’. During the 24 hours, participants can ride as long or little as they want (but of course the goal that we are all striving to achieve is to excel our own personal goals and achieve our ‘maximum potential’). And of course, nothing motorised is permitted.

For anyone who has ever ridden a board, we understand that feeling of stoke… Heart palpitating, meditative state, seamlessly gliding, feeling the flow of every pump, and becoming one with the board and the moment… Opening up moments of both discovery and self exploration… A unique personal and individual experience that is shared by a collective…

From water to land, boarders throughout time have continued to search for new ways to experience this stoke, push boundaries, and get another needed dose of exhilaration. From this simple primordial need, has arisen a host of longboarding disciplines that cater for a variety of ride experiences.

What is SUP Skate?

For all SUP enthusiasts, ‘Skate Poling’ or ‘SUP Skating’ offers similar experiences, fitness benefits and fun to SUP, except with the added speed and style of surfing, and on land instead of water (and minus the sharks). It’s called ‘Skate Poling’ because you use a flexible pole to push yourself along while riding a skateboard/longboard. This is a great crossover discipline to maintain your SUP skills when you can’t get on the water, offering the opportunity to practice footwork, paddle handling and keep yourself SUP fit.   

It’s not just an awesome cross-training activity; skate poling is quickly becoming its own thing. There are at least two riding styles, competitive endurance/race, and freestyle/surf. In both cases the rider can stoke their flow without needing hills or continual foot pushing, through pumping techniques and board set-ups, alongside of course the pole, replacing the waves, offering a decent method of propulsion and adds security.  

Discover more…

The UK Ultraskate team have been working hard to expand the event and spread the stoke following last year’s success, and have worked closely with their sponsors at SUPSKATE®, volunteers at SUPSKATE UK, alongside the team at Betteshanger Country Park to offer the public a free “Taster Day” on 18th May 2024. 

So, whether you’re a seasoned aficionado or new to the sport, if you’re interested to try some demo gear, meet some new people, and take a lap on the track in advance of the UK Ultraskate, please come to the “Taster Day” 18th May, where we’ll have all the latest Hamboards – SUPSkate Skate Poles alongside a variety of their specialist boards designed for both racing and freestyle. We will be happy to coach and let you try it on the competition track.  

Finally, we’d like to take a moment to thank our sponsors at SUPSKATE® for their continued support in many athletic events, alongside helping cultivate and grow communities through their social platforms. SUPSKATE® collaborates with world-class SUP RACE, SUP SURF and Distance Skating athletes to design legitimate sports equipment for Skate Poling.  

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