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It’s Not All About Volume For Stability / SUPboarder PRO

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4 days ago

That was interesting how different they were. I guess having the volume spread over a larger area really helps, a bit like how some insects spread out so they can walk on the water. I was also surprised how buoyant they were considering how close in volume they were to Reuben’s weight.

Reuben Ellis
23 hours ago
Reply to  JohnnyChaos

I think I could get away with less volume, lol. NOT!
They are easy to paddle on the flat but paddling over waves and in chop is a bit of a challenge. I will sort some more footage out soon.

4 days ago

Do you think the same would be true of the 8’8″ B line vs the 8’0″ starboard pro? I weigh just under 90 kilos, am quite comfortable on my 125 8’10” liter board, and want to shorten the length so I can do some more vertical surfing in steeper beach break waves,. so the 8’0″ starboard has me wishing money into my bank account. Is this an appropriate goal? (solid intermediate 53yo)

Reuben Ellis
23 hours ago
Reply to  seanross

Hey Sean trickly one. Yes and no…. I feel the bigger Starboards have much more of a floaty feel for the size of the boards. For example when we were using the 7’7 the board felt very comfortable for 107 L board. Going by the feel of the 7’7 I would think you would be absolutely fine on the 8 foot, and if you’re happy on your 125 L board now it would be a good board to look at. I do feel that all these Starboard pro boards give a very good compact feel on the wave but still… Read more »

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