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World Record Longest Journey by SUP

Peter Charlesworth has achieved an outstanding feat in SUP by breaking the record for the Longest Journey paddled with a distance of 2,677.34 km (1,663.62 mi).

Achieved by Peter Charlesworth (Australia), from 4 March to 11 June 2023, he paddled the longest journey by stand up paddleboard (SUP) along the Murray River in Australia. Peter rowed the length of the river while also circumnavigating each of the three main bodies of water along the way. He travelled solo and camped each night of the journey which took him a total of 2,677.34 km (1,663.62 mi),

He took on this challenge to advocate for heart health awareness, following his own triple bypass surgery in 2020. The attempt took 18 months to plan.

What an achievement!

That’s a wrap!! 2690km GWR subject to final verification.
Can’t put to words how thankful I am for everyone’s support, encouragement and drive for this expedition.
Every single sponsor – contributor and supporter has helped build my self-belief, vision and drive for the end result. It has kept me steady on my feet through injury, pain, fatigue, mental exhaustion and solitude.
– Peter

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