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Rick Weeks SUP Surfing – Sunova Ghost

Rick Weeks brings us another great SUP surfing video from his home break, this time riding the Sunova Ghost which a new SUP surfboard designed by Rick and Bert Berger.

Rick Weeks: 2 good dawn patrol sessions on my new Sunova model “Ghost”.

After testing this one, I got together with Bert Burger at Sunova to tweak it here and there to maximize its performance and usability. My new version should be here by early August for testing…. I anticipate that I’ll approve the updated version for production. I will do a full review after I get some video of #2

So many cool details that make this board perfect for so many SUPsters. I consult with SUPsters all over the world and listen to their needs and conditions… this board was designed to meet our specific needs.

Well it looks very manoeuvrable and easy to handle for the size. Can’t wait to see this board hit the shelves of shops soon!

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10 months ago

I dream I’m doing this – If I make it to 75

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