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2023 Starboard SUP Surf Shape Comparison / Wedge vs Spice vs Pro

Compared by us on Jul 25, 2023

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Jason Long
Jason Long
1 month ago

Wow this is a great website with great information. So happy i got a pro sub.

Michael Paterson
Michael Paterson
1 month ago

Hi, great info. What was your experience on carbon versus the limited construction? Also did you try next years carbon starboard layup as it is meant to have flex and come recoil in the board. Any help appreciated, cheers Mike

Troy Cleary
Troy Cleary
1 month ago

Having had all these boards in multiple sizes at 6”3 and 100kg this is what I have found. Wedge. 8”7 great board for the bigger guy to go shorter with heaps of stability and surfs great. 9”2. Feels very much like a beginner board being to thick and corky. 10”2. A incredible board at its size. Surfs amazing in 1ft-5ft and good for a flat water paddle. Splice. 8”8. Amazing. Can’t fault it. Possibly my favourite board 9”3. Still amazing. The only downside is it’s 32.5 wide and personally I can really feel that 0.5. I wish they kept it… Read more »

Reuben Ellis
30 days ago
Reply to  Troy Cleary

Wow great feedback Troy. Thanks for sharing. Reuben

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