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7 Days At Sea

Brendon Prince, the paddler who circumnavigated mainland Britain, is now preparing for another unbelievable SUP expedition, spending 7 days at sea on his SUP this summer.

Paddling, eating & sleeping all on a stand up paddle board for 7 days, no boat support, never getting off and carrying everything needed for a 7 day adventure. The paddle plan is to demonstrate paddling with the conditions, showing how to ‘paddle around the corner’ safely, how to work with the conditions or hide from adverse weather. This is why there is no destination, 7 days exploring where the conditions promote adventure SUP. Spending 7 days on a board, out at sea is considered extreme by some, which helps promote my water safety message to those who otherwise wouldn’t hear or listen. Plus, a WORLD RECORD attempt for the longest time spent on a flat deck paddle board (no cabin).

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