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How To Draft / SUP Racing with Blue Ewer

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Welcome to the second video in this series about getting into SUP racing. In this SUPboarder video, Blue Ewer shares his insights on how to draft during a race.

Blue is an already accomplished SUP racer having won six national UK titles for SUP racing. Blue shares valuable insights about drafting in SUP racing and answers some very topical questions;
• What is drafting?
• Is drafting allowed?
• How can you draft?
• When is the best time to draft during a race?

Drafting is the act of following someone very closely behind to get into their slipstream. it reduces your effort, conserves energy and is a very tactical part of SUP racing. These tips are best used for long distance races when the water is calm.

Remember to check out the SUPboarder PRO video for more tips on how your board affects drafting and more in depth drafting tactics.

This is the second video in a series of SUP Racing videos. Blue will be back to speak about race techniques in the next videos.

About Blue Ewer (@blueewer01)

Blue is a SUP Racer from South Devon in the United Kingdom and currently holds six British titles for SUP racing. In 2022, he moved into the European and International race scene, competing against the world’s fastest.

Career highlights to date include a fifth place in the technical race at the European Championships and 9th in the Sprints at the ICF World Championships.

Blue has plenty more to prove in 2023, with most of his time spent on the Euro Tour and the APP World Tour.

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