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Sebastian Gomez SUP Surfing Peru 2023 – So Many Barrels!

Sebastian Gomez has been scoring some solid swell in his home of Peru and by the looks of things, he is spending more time in the tube than out of it. Great surfing Sebastian!

Sebastian: “In this video I am going to take you with me on an adventure in the north of Peru while I do what I am most passionate about: SUP Surfing. From the moment I got to the beach I knew this was going to be one hell of a session. The waves were perfect.
After setting up my INFINITY Blurr V3 SUP and gear, I headed into the water and started paddling towards the horizon. The sensation of paddling on the water with perfect conditions is indescribable. When I got to the Point, the real excitement began. Perfect tubes all over the beach in all shapes and sizes, each wave was a unique experience.
The beaches of northern Peru are amazing. It’s hard not to feel grateful to be able to enjoy all of this while doing what you love the most.
I hope this video allows you to feel part of my experience and encourages you to try Stand Up Paddle surfing. Thank you!”

What we like about this video is that it really shows you how to barrel ride. Notice how much Sebastian moves his feet up and down the board to control the speed inside the tube. Also notice how he reads the wave and directs his board up the face when the tube is closing on him. His paddle hold is very technical but gives you an idea of how you can control your paddle inside the barrel.

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Reuben Ellis
1 year ago

Great video and of course great riding!

1 year ago

Last time I saw Sebastian he was testing Quobba Fins. He is now waiting for the new Quobba Quad set up! Is going to be very interesting to see him charging Puerto!

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