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Benoit Carpentier Longboard SUP Surfing

Benoit puts on an absolute clinic in SUP longboarding in this video of him practising in France ahead of the APP World Tour event in Gran Canaria.

What was very noticeable in this video is the positioning of Benoit’s feet on the board. Notice as Ben is always putting his feet on the centre line. This keeps the board controlled, stable and makes every manoeuvre extremely forgiving. Remember to always stay centred on the board and you will have the most control.

However, his back foot definitely is moving slightly from rail to rail throughout his turns. Toe pressure on the bottom turns calls to move the foot across to the toe side rail. He moves his heel toward the heel side rail for turns as well to maximise the performance of his board.

Ben is riding a prototype Starboard longboard. Let’s hope it goes into production as it looks so good!

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