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Using Land Training Aids for SUP / The Best Way To Improve Your Stand Up Paddling Off The Water

If you want to improve your stand up paddling when you're off the water, then take a look at using these land training aids from Aztron to help with balance and fine tuning your technique.

We got a hold of the Aztron skateboards and balance board to really understand if using training aids off the water will help to improve your on water performance. And we can tell you that it does!

The Dusk balance board is a fantastic tool to improve your balance and reaction time. You can use the roller lengthways and sideways not eh board to increase the difficulty and practice both forward and back, plus heel and toe movements. It’s a workout too which means you get fit and practice your balance.

The skateboards allow you to practice SUP surfing and accompanied by the land paddle, you get a very similar feeling to stand up paddling. The longboard skateboard feels more cruisey and you can work on your cross stepping. The shorter skateboards are manoeuvrable and you can work on turns, body positioning and generating speed.


To find out more about Aztron's range of training aids and gear for paddlers, check out their website here.

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1 month ago

I also use training boards and a 3 wheel skate board to “practice” in between sessions, which are months apart for me…
By the way Beau, try a pump track with a surf skate board, I am sure you will like it!

Reuben Ellis
29 days ago
Reply to  JV

Hey JV you have got some skills on a balance board. And I have never seen a 3 wheeled skate board before … epic. Pump tracks are the best.

29 days ago
Reply to  Reuben Ellis

The 3 wheeled skateboard is great because it turns far more than with four, but you need to get a bit accustomed to it.
You even can find some with only two wheels!
Agreed on pump tracks, and kids love them too, which makes it even more fun.

Reuben Ellis
27 days ago
Reply to  JV

Right.. Im going to find one! Looks really hard to use on pump track. Good skills!

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