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SUP 11 Cities Tour – 2022 Results

The 2022 SUP 11 City Tour has been completed this year, with over 200 competitors battling through wind and rain to finish the 5-day, 220km Tour. Read on for the results and event information.

Press Release: SUP 11 City Tour

The 14th edition of the Annual 5-Day SUP 11-City Tour wrapped up today, Sunday 18th September. The last stage of the tour was only 28 kilometers from Dokkum to Leeuwarden, but paddlers had endured a hard prior 4 days totalling 192km. On their way, the athletes paddled through Burdaard and passed one of many typical windmills. Flying through Bartlehiem the competitive athletes picked up pace since today they also were a time trial.

Meanwhile the SUP 11 village was set up at the Prinsentuin in Leeuwarden to cheer the athletes over the finish line. Marije Elgersma honored the athletes who finished and gave them their well-deserved Elfstedenkruisje or Medaille. Beers of Lowlander and lots of good food were there for the athletes to enjoy after this amazing achievement. After all the athletes have finished, it was time for the award ceremony. Not only our proud number’s one, two and three of different competitive categories were rewarded but also some admirable achievements and moments were highlighted. Including our youngest contender Maximus Waterman with only 13 years paddled his first 11-City Tour. Rembrandt Joosten completed his 11-City Tour by only paddling on one side. Since he has had an accident leaving him with less function in one hand and also only having one lung as well as an artificial hip and knee. We’ve also had multiple athletes who paddled the NON-Stop and the 5-Day back-to-back. Crazy right?! And on top of all this greatness Bruno Hasulyo won his 5th SUP 11-City Tour.

A special moment took place at the resting stop in Stavoren. A textbook example off the effect that a support team can have on an athlete was shown when Chad Thieken was ready to give in and give up his tour. But our crewmember Jaimy de Linde stepped in and gave the best pep talk ever, leaving Chad motivated to continue his 11-City Tour. Also, a special moment having the founder of the SUP 11-City Tour, Anne-Marie Reichman Totah paddling along. Also worth mentioning is that Tineke Merkus earned her 8th Elfstedenkruisje.

It was a windy, rainy but wonderful edition this year. We want to thank all our sponsors, volunteers, and athletes. Without you guys, is wouldn’t be a success.

Race results 18.09.22

Open Men

  1. Bruno Hasulyo 22 hrs 10 min 22 sec
  2. Joep van Bakel 22 hrs 27 min 27 sec
  3. Ricardo Haverschmidt 23 hrs 44 min 31 sec


  1. Michiel Keesmakers 24 hrs 04 min 06 sec
  2. Jochum Steur 24 hrs 22 min 02 sec
  3. Andrej Spelic 24 hrs 24 min 04 sec

Grand Masters

  1. Gunther de Bin 25 hrs 02 min 19 sec
  2. Pascal Bleys 25 hrs 10 min 42 sec
  3. Peter Mülhauser 25 hrs 34 min 38 sec

Open Ladies

  1. Tanja Ecker 26 hrs 02 min 52 sec
  2. Petronella van Malsen 26 hrs 11 min 48 sec
  3. Nicoline Rasmussen 27 hrs 06 min 10 sec


  1. Hanneke de Jong 28 hrs 41 min 31 sec
  2. Annelies Loots 30 hrs 06 min 43 sec
  3. Emma Adams 34 hrs 09 min 58 sec

Grand Diva’s

  1. Tineke Merkus 28 hrs 15 min 33 sec
  2. Marion Behrens 28 hrs 49 min 49 sec
  3. Dorthe Nielsen 29 hrs 06 min 54 sec

We mustn’t forget the non-stop race results;

NON-Stop Women

  1. Ella Oesterholt 28:02:58.5
  2. Tea Wieland 35:25:42.0

NON-Stop Men

  1. Leonard Nika 24:40:18.5
  2. Ronald Schaftenaar 29:32:10.1
  3. Mark Kruisheer 30:07:45.3
  4. Goran Gustavsson 30:32:23.6
  5. Chris Davison 31:20:38.1
  6. Kevin Kohn 32:19:48.9
  7. Jan Landa 32:34:32.1
  8. Jelle Kleijn 33:56:19.2
  9. Martin Luitwieler 34:11:54.9
  10. Sander Zimmerman 35:28:00.5
  11. Richard Wiesner 36:27:14.5

NON-Stop Tandem Team

  1. Team Tahoe 425pro 25:15:30.2
  2. Team Levallois 26:47:11.8
  3. Team Alison 30:17:00.3

NON-Stop Teams

  1. Team 3bay Dreamteam 27:52:15.7
  2. Team Paddle Club Vassiviere 28:12:41.2
  3. Team Jim Tim En De Rest 31:03:34.5
  4. Team Paddleboard Neratovice Cz 32:53:49.8

A special mention to Gavin Symonds who finished the race in 9th place for the Masters, and 21st overall. We have already chatted to Gavin about his achievement on a SUPboarder Pro.

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