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How to paddle safely on Rivers & Slow Moving Water – SUP Safe

In this SUPboarder video we help you understand how to paddle safely on Rivers & Slow Moving Water which can be dangerous. What is its speed and direction and how will it affect your paddling?

This video is part of the SUPboarder ‘SUP SAFE’ series that will give you all the knowledge you need as a beginner paddler to be safe on the water but also have a great stress free time.  Check out the full series via the SUP Safe page  linked below.

Find all of the SUP Safe videos and digital checklist here:

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Louise Nolan
Louise Nolan
9 months ago

This is very helpful lots of great advice , however could you please include keeping a 360 awareness when on busy waterways, you should always check whats coming up behind particuarly when the water course is shared by rowers and scullers travelling backwards .

Reuben Ellis
8 months ago
Reply to  Louise Nolan

Hi Louise. This is a very good comment. And its a point we will include in the next reiteration of this video. Thanks for sharing it with us. Please keep the comments coming. Happy paddling Reuben

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