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2022 Jobe SUP Recall

Jobe values the safety of its consumers and the quality of its products, which is why Jobe Sports has announced a recall on the 2022 Jobe 11.6 Duna Inflatable SUP board & Jobe 10.6 Yarra Inflatable SUP board due to faulty glue.

Press Release: Jobe Sports

Being one of the leading brands, Jobe Sports takes the safety of its consumers seriously and has a high standard for its quality. That being said, it is an unfortunate but necessary decision that Jobe has to recall its 2022 Jobe 11.6 Duna Inflatable SUP board &  Jobe 10.6 Yarra Inflatable SUP board. This is due to an issue which has a faulted glue, more info on this can be found below.

In order to prevent Jobe’s consumers from getting hurt, Jobe is doing an extensive recall to prevent any injuries or negative experiences/scenario’s. To be more precise, Jobe has found the serial numbers which might be affected by this issue caused by faulted glue.

Below you will find an overview with serial numbers for the Jobe 11.6 Duna Inflatable SUP board &  Jobe 11.6 Duna Inflatable SUP board.

If you have a serial number which matches the description below, we urge you to contact us for a recall: 

All numbers in between the following ranges

Jobe 11.6 Duna Inflatable SUP

lW146327 to lW146846

lW162782 to lW163081

lW150359 to lW150858

lW160932 to lW161131

lW186750 to lW186949

lW190800 to lW192299

lW248374 to lW250373

lW187850 to lW188109

Jobe 10.6 Yarra Teal Inflatable SUP

lW189300 to lW190799

You can find this serial number on the Center Fin Box of your SUP board. If your number matches the description above, please stop using this product immediately and contact your Jobe dealer. In case you bought this product from the Jobe Sports website, reach out to Jobe directly through the link in the steps below. Also make sure that you keep this defaulted product in storage until further notice by the Jobe team.

The reason

Everyone is well aware of the global supply chain issues which have taken place for quite some time. Although Jobe did not make any changes, it has come to our attention that the supplier of the glue has used a different component in its glue due to these supply chain issues. This results in a faulty glue which does not live up to the Jobe standard. Continued use of an affected product might result in delamination of the board which can result in dangerous situations. By not using an affected product immediately, Jobe strives to preserve the safety of it’s community.

How to proceed

If you have bought your SUP at a Jobe Dealer it is best to return this SUP board to your local Jobe Dealer, from where you bought it. The Jobe dealers will contact their contactperson at Jobe Sports and ensure you get a new SUP board.

If you have bought this SUP on the Jobe website (, please visit:

Here you can place a warranty claim and the Jobe Customer Support team will further instruct you and will help you to swap your SUP board. Be sure to use the warranty code: SP10, RECALL. This warranty code will show the Jobe Customer Support team that your claim concerns a Recall and is urgent.

Need help?

Jobe Sports has doubled down on its Customer Support team to help you with any question you might have. You can reach out to us by mailing to or call +31 487 57 30 90. Jobe Sports has also made sure its Customer Service Team is available on Saturday to help you with as best as they can.

Jobe values its community and apologizes for any negative experience which may result from this. Please bear with the Jobe team as they mend this situation to get everyone one the water again, safely!


Team Jobe

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