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Chris Bertish Starts TransPac Wing Project: Take 2

The TransPac Wing Project is officially underway! On May 31st, Chris and the team completed a safe and successful launch from the Santa Cruz Harbor in Santa Cruz, CA, enroute to the Hawaiian Islands by Wing Foil.

Chris and the flying Impifish made their start at 6:25AM and have made great progress in the first 24 hours as he travels down the California coast and away from land.

The 2022 TransPac Wing Project is officially underway, and I’m off on this incredible world-first journey. For the next roughly 60 days I’ll be wing-foiling roughly 2550 miles across the Pacific Ocean, alone and completely unsupported.
I can’t wait to take you along with me on this journey, all to raise awareness and money for climate change/climate action, ocean health, and ocean conservation.
Along the way I’ll be collecting important data on ocean science and putting together ocean classroom sessions, so I can share with people all around the world about the ocean and why we need to come together to protect it!
Subscribe to Chris’ Captain’s Vlogs & Ocean in Motion Classroom Sessions on YouTube for updates. and follow me and the @chrisbertishfoundation on social media as I take you alone my expedition with me.
Full speed ahead, now I just need to get down the California Coast and away from land, with plenty of fish, whales, and dolphins, hopefully as my friends to lead the way!

Photo: Quin O’Hara

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